10 expert tips for achieving that length you’ve always longed for

Dry split ends, damage and bad hair days are all common problems when trying to grow our hair. If you’re looking for the secret to long, beautiful hair, our stylists have put together their top tips to help you grow those long luscious locks, so go ahead and see what works best for you.

1. Eat a healthy, balanced diet
The health of hair is dependent on the nutrients you eat. Hair is mostly made up of protein, and thus requires protein to keep it shining. A well-balanced diet that is high in protein, vitamins, and minerals is essential and will ensure your hair gets all the nutrients it needs to grow long and strong.

2. Get your hair trimmed regularly
With Cherise Amore this will be as simple as not skipping your next appointment! If you visit us once every 3 months we will trim your hair, which removes split ends and helps to reduce the effects of hair becoming damaged, which in turn encourages new balanced hair growth!

3. Book a head massage!
A head massage not only makes you feel pampered and relaxed, it also helps stimulate blood circulation to the hair follicles and mobilises oils from the scalp, strengthening the roots and helping to keep your hair from drying out – which greatly enhances the chances of your hair growing long and healthy.

4. Don’t overwash your hair or use water that is too hot!
Using one of our recommended hair shampoos and conditioners at home will help keep your hair clean (which is essential for hygiene and hair growth) – but washing too frequently can often cause more harm than good. Most people also wash their hair using water that is simply too hot too – but if you follow our stylists’ advice and maintain a schedule of washing your hair correctly at home about 4-5 times a week, your hair should in most cases remain strong and healthy ready for your next appointment.

5. Avoid over-brushing!
Despite what people think, brushing your hair too much can cause breakage or hair loss. Brush your hair with a quality hair brush that is intended for your type of hair, for no more than five to 10 minutes every day (depending on the length and style of your hair) you will gently stimulate the scalp, which releases natural oils and helps spread those oils down the length of the hair strands.

6. Switch to silk pillow cases!
If you replace your cotton pillow covers with silk ones, your long hair will thank you for it: Silk is smoother and causes less friction, meaning that you’ll wake up with fewer tangles!

7. Condition regularly
While most people will wash their long hair with shampoo, many fail to see the importance of a good, quality conditioner. It helps replace lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft, and also seals the cuticle to help your hair grow longer. A deep conditioning and reconstructing treatment in our Salon will also help fully hydrate hair strands, repair damaged hair by eliminating frizziness and dullness and help to create healthy hair while adding length, manageability, volume and shine.

8. Avoid tight hairstyles and rubber bands
Styling your hair into a tight ponytail or braid on a daily basis pulls your hair and puts too much stress on the strands. This makes them loose from the roots, makes the hair weak and causes permanent damage. Rubber bands also pull the hair out from the roots causing extensive damage to the entire body of hair, making it weak and hurting the scalp. Allowing your hair to hang free and loose as much as possible will really help.

9. Be Patient
To grow healthy, long hair the natural way requires patience and consistency. As long as you do the right things, follow the advice of our stylists and are determined to achieve long hair, you will get results. Don’t give up after a few weeks or cut your hair short out of frustration because you’re bored with your current hairstyle. Remember your hair grows about half an inch in a month – so be realistic!

10. Drink water!
This is an obvious one but it’s surprising how many people simply don’t drink enough water every day! Drinking water is good for your entire body – it flushes out toxins and helps the body function properly. Since your hair relies on the rest of your body to keep it hydrated, it is essential to make sure you drink enough clean, fresh water.